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Frequently Asked Questions

Call 515-710-1234

1 / What are your payment options?

Cash, Check or Credit Card.   For credit card processing, payment can be made in full or you can sign up for credit card installment billings using the  "After Pay" service for amounts up to $4000. 

2 / Do you offer a delivery/set up service at my location?

Yes.  Please call for details.

3 / Do you offer food plot services at my location?

Yes.  Please call for details.    We also rent out Food Plot equipment.  The "Firminator" can be utilized with an 500cc+ ATV or a tractor, (1 7/8 ball or 3pt)

4 / Can I build my own stand/ladder?


5 / Can I move a Redneck Blind/Stand to different locations?

Yes.   An advantage of the Redneck Blind/Stand is the portability.  For ultimate portability, please consider a Trailer Stand package.

6 / What colors do the Redneck Cabins come in?

Red or Gray.

7 / I have a box blind already, but I want to upgrade/upsize to a Redneck.  Will you take my own blind in as trade?

Please call for details.

8 / Where can I view the Redneck Blinds and Stands?

There is a walk-through display model located at 634 New York Ave, Creston, IA 50801.  Other display models are available as well.  Please call for details

9 / Do you have Redneck Blinds and Stands in stock?

Our goal is to carry stock in the most common sizes all year round.  Please call for details.

10 / What areas do you service?

Open for sale in all areas including, but not limited to:  Creston, IA. Des Moines, IA.

Omaha, NE.  Leon, IA. Osceola, IA. Ankeny, IA. Council Bluffs, IA.  Kansas City, MO.  Ottumwa, IA. St Charles, IA.  Waukee, IA.  Fort Dodge, IA.  Cedar Rapids, IA.  Iowa City, IA

11 / How do I buy a Blind/Stand or Rent the Firminator?   The website shopping cart won't accept payment.

Please call 515-710-1234 or send email to   All sales will be done  after conversation and alignment of your needs.

Thank you for your consideration in Buckaroo Deer Blinds

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