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Rent Food Plot equipment for DIY food plots using an ATV/UTV or compact Tractor!    I rent out a 4' Firminator unit that may fit what your looking for.


Use what the Pros use----- a Firminator, but save the money and DIY.  Typical cost for a Professional Food Plot installer  is $1K an acre and a minimum size charge


Reserve one today for a future date!  $150 for 1 day or $200 for the weekend.   You provide your own machine and favorite food plot seed.  Also provided in the rental is a pull behind spreader for lime and fertilizer.    


*Must call 515-710-1234 to reserve since I need to secure your booking days*  

Food Plot Equipment Rental

  • The new ATV Model takes all of the features of the full size 3 point implement and right-sizes it for ATV’s and UTV’s. The ATV Model combines 12 inch ground turning disks with our precision Accurate Seeding System, and a true agricultural grade cast iron cultipacker. The ATV Model is sized for ATV’s, but it is no lightweight. Its frame is constructed of 3 inch steel square tubing, and its seed box is constructed of steel just like the three point models. It weighs over 800 pounds which allows it to break up and dig in hard ground when other ATV harrows would just bounce across the surface. The ATV Model comes with a tow bar sized for a 1 7/8″ ball, but also retains the 3 point hitch just in case you want to use it on a small tractor. We recommend a minimum of 500cc ATV or UTV to allow the Firminator to perform at its best

  • Direct Pickup in Creston, IA.    Also availbale is a trailer and Kawaski Mule for rental use.

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