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Redneck  and Maverick Hunting Blinds and Stands. 

Direct pickup, delivery and installation services are available. 

Located in Creston, IA 50801

Contact us at 515-710-1234

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Made from long-lasting fiberglass with durable gel-coat finish. The 2" roof overhang and window drip edge help keep rain off the windows, giving you a clear view of your hunting grounds. The interior of the blind comes with a closed cell foam insulated ceiling, acoustical foam covered walls, and a high density foam pad underneath a marine-carpeted floor provide for superior sound control and insulation.  A mounted gear console and shelves with gun holders help organize your blind, and also one Green LED Light under the front. Large tinted, tempered automotive-glass windows with whisper-quiet window hinges provide a clear view. High quality automotive window gaskets and door molding help keep your scent in, the blind dry and the pests out. The fiberglass bottom prevents rotting and varmint damage.

Blind can be mounted to Redneck’s heavy-duty powder coated steel stands or their unique trailer stand or blind sled. The blind comes completely assembled. Instructional DVD and printed instructions included to ensure safe setup. Blind is made in USA.


  • Made from long-lasting fiberglass

  • Large tinted tempered, automotive-glass windows

  • Vertical and horizontal glass windows for bow or gun hunting

  • Silk screen black camo pattern on lower half of vertical windows.

  • 2” roof overhang and window drip edge help keep rain off the windows

  • Closed cell foam insulated ceiling, acoustical foam covered walls, and high density foam pad underneath marine-carpeted floor provide for superior sound control and insulation

  • 1 highly functional gear console pre-installed

  • Built in shelves and gun holders

  • EZ-Pull silent window opening system for horizontal windows

  • Green LED Under-mount Light

  • Full line of blind accessories available

Customer Feedback

Dave - Redneck 6x6 10' Stands

I highly recommend Buckaroo Deer Blinds.  They did a great job for me!  Pricing was right and the delivery/install was top shelf.  They installed my blinds like it was their own personal blinds going up, and even used a laser level.  It's very rare in today's world to get good customer service and these guys exceeded expectations.  If your looking for new blinds, I highly recommend them.

Craig - Redneck 6x6 on a Trailer Stand

Love my new portable blind

Jeff - Redneck 6x6 on a Trailer Stand

Buckaroo Deer Blinds:   How did the set go after you moved the blind?

Jeff:  Yes, it was very easy.  Only took me 2 mins to set up after I moved it...   I had my big buck walk in front of the blind with a doe as I was walking back from hiding my truck.   My kid was in the blind watching it.  

Caleb - Redneck 6x7 on a Trailer Stand

Caleb:  I need a mobile blind for hunting permission farms been wanting to pull the trigger for a couple of years but you know how it is, trying to justify that kind of money on something like that.

Buckaroo Deer Blinds:  Exactly.  You'll forget about the price after you harvest a 180" .. lol

Caleb:  I will use the heck out of it.  Last two winters I could have harvested good late season deer

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